Take Our 10+ Years of Experience & Integrate Your Next Acquisition Effortlessly

We improve communication throughout all stages of your merger to save you time and costs while integrating your next deal.

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To hit your goals on time, you need an expert on your side to quarterback your integration plan. HRDS work non-stop to create the perfect roadmap that will lead you towards a successful integration.

Integration Services

Develop integration strategy

Create an integration roadmap

Ensure a smooth planning process

Change management strategies

Execute integration


Management Services

Oversee finalized decisions

Financial planning of integration costs

Compensation Approvals

Benefits Approvals

Identify one-time and on-going costs



Employee Services

Highlight the benefits of merging

Enable cost savings and retention

Transition employees effectively

Compensation planning

Equity planning alignment with pay philosophy


Our Secret Weapons:

We use an established approach used by many successful company mergers

We continue to embrace deal integration while observing new opportunities

Our experience allows us to recognize your deal value and synergies

Integration FAQ

We can support your organization integrate previously acquired companies by reviewing the status of the deal, understanding what is complete, what needs to be completed and identifying challenges and opportunities.

Yes, we specialize in all facets of a HR M&A and help you by documenting a roadmap for integration, identifying all tasks, working with your project team to help the integration process as smooth as possible.

Yes, we have experience in creating structure around compensation, benefits, culture, relocation, and recruitment related to M&A or not.

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